The September 2013 GENERIC TRADING THREAD! 2x in your favor (?)

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  1. PLEASE read the following and if at all possible, let's follow this format:

    -You name what you like.
    -I'll name what I like.
    -You make the offer, we work from there.
    -If you reply, please follow up, even if it's just to say no.

    I like to know what cards we're dealing with up front, so please, let's start with a want list. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bit much, but it's how I like to operate and it will save everyone a little time/effort.

    Also, I'd like the make the following offer:

    -If we're dealing with 30 BV items and below on my end, and a 100+ BV item on your end, I'll go 2x in your favor. For example, you have a 150 BV card I'd like, I'll give you 300 BV worth of smaller items.

    It looks like my bucket is completely up to date! Anyone up for a trade?
  2. UMMM..... lol. I think I was in a dream while looking through your bucket. I made a small list of what id be interested in. My bucket is slightly out of date even though I have traded off a lot of stuff. But id start with the Tavon Austin Power Picks Auto, and Press Pass Stedman Bailey. Possibly the topps finest Stedman /50. Pm me if anything on my bucket does interest you. If nothing in there does. Let me know who you actually collect. Redskins fan? I have about 40 RG3s. but other than that. Let me know. I would LOVE to get that Tavon. Id even go double the value for it lol. Im a Tavon super collector.
  3. I'll take a look, but refresh my memory on what players are NOT available from your bucket? I don't want a list full of guys you're not trading.

    Also, please make an effort to see this through, even if it's just to say "no thanks". You kind of left me hanging last time around.
  4. Yeah, and first and foremost let me apologize. I know when we were initially talking I was on vacation. Its when we got back stuff went kinda bad. So I am truely sorry for not responding. I usually do not just leave someone hanging. I am not like that. The only cards in my bucket not for trade are Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Geno Smith. Everything else is fair game. I Just updated it so stuff that has been traded are gone.
    My interests are:
    Press Pass Power Picks Tavon Austin
    Press Pass /199 Stedman Bailey
    Topps Finest Stedman Bailey
    Topps Geno Auto (though I may not have what it takes haha) But the Tavon and two Stedmans are definite interests.
  5. patsfan52

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    what do you need for this [​IMG]
  6. Jmattt33 - I like these:

    -Lattimore Bowman auto
    -Terrance Williams Elite auto
    -Bradford auto/GU

    And to a lesser extent, the Sheldon Richardson Press Pass auto and the Tyrann Mathieu Prestige auto. Let me know!

    patsfan52 - Do you have any other football autos or GU than the few in your bucket? I didn't see anything at the moment, but if you have more to browse, I'd be happy to look.
  7. I would be willing to do a deal for all listed. The Terrance Williams is a Leaf Metal Draft auto /99 but id throw the elite hard hat in also if you actually do want it.
    Lattimore Bowman Auto
    T. Williams Leaf Metal
    Bradford auto/GU
    Sheldon Richardson "miz" auto
    Tyrann Mathieu prestige auto

    I have a Julio jones crown royale rookie auto patch if you are interested. And how would you value that topps finest Stedman? I bought a Red Refractor /75 for $10 on ebay. But that's ebay. If I know that I can make you an offer.
  8. Mike

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    PM coming, Sam.
  9. Im sorry. I guess I didn't look hard enough.... Is that a MAJOR HARRIS AUTO I saw? One auto that ive always wanted. I need to add this to the list of wants. Everything else remains the same. But he is one of the most historic Mountaineers ever. If he wasn't hurt in the 88 National Championship. We would have won.:(
  10. My apologies, I meant the Joseph Randle Elite auto, not Terrance Williams. The Julio might be of interest, too.

    For the Bailey, I'd probably put it around BV 30-40, were I estimating.

    Let me know what you'd like to do!
  11. Bradford $60 Bv for tavon auto $50 Bv
    Lattimore bowman $30 Bv for the stedman finest /50 ($?$) not sure Bv
    Joseph randle elite $30 Bv, Sheldon Richardson auto for Stedman press pass /199 $12 Bv and major Harris auto $20 Bv I'd be givin a little but it's close enough for me. So you would get:
    Bradford gu auto, lattimore auto, Joseph randle elite auto and Sheldon Richardson and I would get tavon auto, 2 stedman autos and major Harris auto.
    Let me know what you think
  12. Were you serious about trading extra for the Austin PP auto? That's probably the thing I'd want to trade the least, and I'd like to make a counter-offer, but I suppose I need to know about that first.
  13. You can make a Counter-offer, sure. Everytime I've traded for a tavon auto Its cost me extra lol. I'll upload a pic of that julio and let you know when I do. That card could completely change the format of the trade. It's 2011 crown royale /25 auto patch. Books for $80. Let me know what you want to do.
    I'd be willing to to go a little extra.
  14. Okay, let me know on the Julio. I'll take a look and put an offer together.
  15. Jeremy

    JeremyEu tu America?

    I'm mostly a BKB guy and I see you have no FB #ed cards (huge bucket btw) but I figured I'd ask anyway. I have no FB GU/AU ft but I have 200+ FB #ed cards. Only a small portion scanned at the moment but I'd love to trade up for the MJ #ed card you have. I'd trade way over value if you're interested. Maybe a bit of PP if required. It would look nice in the Jordan insert PC but no hard feelings if you decline. PM me if either way. -Thanks. Cards/NFL/Serial?sort=3&page=1