The Free Stuff Thread

I had alluded to this earlier, but I think this might be a better way to really illustrate just how many giveaways are out there for collectors like you and I.

Within recent memory, I've won the following collector-type prizes online, from the following sources:

-2012 Topps Strata Football box, AtlantaSportsCards
-2012 Topps Supreme Football box, AtlantaSportsCards
-2011 UD College Legends box, DACardWorld
-4 packs of 2010 Topps Magic Football, Topps
-2013 Black Box 1/1 patch of Dwight Howard, Panini
-John Riggins Redskins signed mini helmet, Panini
-Larry Bird Fleer auto, AtlantaSportsCards
-$25 gift certificate, AtlantaSportsCards
-Justin Tucker Totally Certified auto #/5, K2SportsCards

And if I recall, that's all from THIS YEAR. I know I'm missing some, too! Amazing, isn't it?

I'll update this thread from time to time with new winnings, but the moral of the story is this: follow companies on Twitter. Read their blogs (especially Panini's). Follow them on Facebook (if you have them, unlike me). The contests are out there! Someone WILL win them. Enter a few, and you might be surprised.


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Nice post, Sam. It's good to see these companies getting involved with the hobbyists on a more personal level. It really looks like Atlanta Sports Cards either really likes you, or they do a lot of giveaways. I'll definitely have to check them out on Twitter.

Thanks for sharing.


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They've run a lot of new contests promoting their new site. And I order from them a lot, so that probably doesn't hurt! The Bird was a 100% unsolicited giveaway. I was shocked!
Yeah, I bet that's right! That was definitely one of the best freebies I've seen in quite some time.


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Yea, all those contest.. Great for collectors, if youre allowed to enter that is :LOL:

Amazing luck youve had Sam.. share the wealth ! :p
AtlSportsCards does amazing giveaways. I received a triple GU base card from them. It wasn't a win because it wasn't a contest - just a straight giveaway.
I won a 2012 Topps BB factory set (series 1 & 2) and hobby box of 2012 Topps Update Series BB from MLB RBI.
I won a PSA 10 Jeter/Garciaparra insert from Small Traditions.
I won 5 packs of 2013 NFL draft pick cards (2 HIT, 3 Leaf) from Ballboy Cards.
And a bunch of other giveaways/prizes from other Twitter contests - including waiting on a prize from Press Pass.
Add two to the list!

-Chiefs in the May 2013 TCZ Group break! (Got a nice Tyler Bray auto)
-A Therapearl gift pack. Weird one, here. It's a company that does hot and cold packs for atheletes, and I guess they did goodie bags for the NFL Rookie Premiere. I won one of the extra goodie bags, though unless it's somehow NFL related, my wife will likely get more use from these, dance teacher that she is.