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  1. Hey everyone, just trying to decide what a nice collection would be and decided I want to get an RC of some old star players.

    I dont want any cheap Topps type RC's that are only worth a few bucks, but Dont want any that are high end!

    If there is a card next to the name than That is the best RC card I have of them, and I only want another one that would hold more value than the current one!


    Tom Brady - 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond NFL ROOKIE #126
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Dan Marino
    Eli Manning
    Peyton Manning - 1998 Topps Gold Label #20
    Joe Montana
    Drew Brees
    Barry Sanders
    Troy Aikman
    Emmit Smith
    Brett Favre
    Adrian Peterson - 2007 Topps Co-Signers Adrian Peterson/Ladanian Tomlinson #70 13/50
    Aaron Rodgers
    Jerry Rice
    Brian Urlacher
    Walter Payton
    Matthew Stafford
    Calvin Johnson
    Michael Vick
    Randy Moss - 1991 Flair Showcase style # sec 2, row 2, seat 5
    Ladanian Tomlinson
    Andrew Luck
    Cam Newton

    Thats all I can think of for now, but as I think of more they will be listed
  2. look on my carson palmer post! have alot of rookies. lmk :)
  3. i just want ones listed above, send me a list if you have any
  4. list updated
  5. I have these: pm works best

    Eli Manning PP rc
    Drew Brees PP rc
    Barry Sanders pro set rc
    Troy Aikman pro set rc
  6. there is only one rc of Marino.,ditto for Walter Payton and Montana,.do you have them? otherwise,I don't know how you can upgrade :\
  7. I guess what I'm saying is I have the Marino rookie,along with his Marino IA card from the 1984 Topps set if you are interested.I also have the 1989 Barry Sanders Topps Traded RC,and Aikman RC from the same set.
  8. Get anymore
    Mountaineers? Lol I can help you out quite well here also :)
  9. I have an Urlacher Flair Showcase, my is the SP version serial #'d to 250.
    Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Hey sorry everyone, i sold my entire collection and have started from scratch back up to collecting so nothing to trade right nownow
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    Welcome back buddy, glad to hear that you are back to collecting, make sure you check out the many breaks that are going on that can help you get going again.
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    Welcome Back. What/Who are you focusing on now?
  13. you might want to look at the thread "pay it forward" under contests and give aways,and post some of your wants there.It's a start
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