Marquis Hill now presumed dead

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and the worst part is......

"Neither Hill nor the woman wore a life preserver, Atkeson said.

"It's so important to have a life jacket and a signaling device," Atkeson said. "One keeps you afloat and the other helps us find you."

Elias said Hill, a defensive end, spent much of his time since Hurricane Katrina helping family members rebuild their homes. "


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The Orleans Levee Board Police said that a passing boat had briefly picked up the man, but he jumped back in the water to look for the woman.
This makes me very sad. RIP Marquise.
The loss of any player is not good. Especially the loss of a player like him whose nose was not in the media for bad reasons. As a Bronco's fan I can feel the pain for the Pats right now.. :salut:
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