Fantasy football??

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  1. Would anybody be interested in creating a fantasy football league on here? Could do about 12 members, and have one member (no restrictions) be the creator. We could send in 1-2 cards with a certain Bv/sv and play for that?
  2. im in for that!
  3. Yeah, would just need to be approved and have that many members join
  4. franklinguy52

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    You can count me in
  5. i dont mind being the creator. i run the league at work so just lmk
  6. Sounds good to me, already 3 people..
  7. Yeah, I'd be down. Would we be doing like an ESPN or Yahoo league or something customized to the site/group?
  8. Probably one on espn or yahoo or whichever is best. would create a private League and give the password to members ofor joining
  9. we can do the same on the fantasy football thats the one i always do.
  10. I have lever used espn, so don't know about any others
  11. yeah, espn is the only one i have used but they're all pretty much the same i imagine. i'm good with whatever the group decides.
  12. i created a league under the fantasy. tcz is the league name
  13. League ID: 867522
    League Password: tczfootball
  14. Hey I don't want to set it up yet, would rather get to a certain amount of members if we are Doin the send the cars into the leader.
  15. its okay np. i went ahead and set it up. as of now i have it set to 10 players i can make adjustments at any time.