Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - August - COMPLETE

Yes, you have Ravens and Rabs has the Cardinals. Just get payment in when you can or at next break is fine too.
Here's the link to the live stream. Please note in the thread if you can hear and see the boxes so I know everything is working!

Thanks guys, decent break but we've certainly done better. Highlight goes to KenGraff with a Colts Manning auto #/5.
As usual please let me know if you want vet base or anything different than normal.
I would like base please for all three teams, thanks Chris.
Sorry for the delay guys, here's the recap video of just the hits;

Can't get pic to post, photobucket sucks!


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Can't get pic to post, photobucket sucks!
Photobucket doesn't do 3rd party photosharing anymore unless you pay for their premium, or gold or special or whatever they call their "you gotta pay us to show your pictures somewhere else" membership. The photos can be seen in the Photobucket albums ON photobucket but links to pics no longer show the pics for free.