Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - August - COMPLETE

I'll take the Giants if there available
Welcome to the group Drast, Giants are yours if you can payment in the next couple days as we break this week. PM sent.
Added a box of Classics since we filled another team. For those that bought draft slots as well I'm hoping to start the draft tomorrow night and then break Thursday as long as the boxes arrive. I have a late appointment so probably looking at a 9pm(ct) break.
Time to start the draft folks. Hoping to finish it up by Thursday night so we can break then. Good luck all.

On the clock: Rareluck
On deck: Dvashun

Draft Order:
1. Dvashun - Titans
2. Rabs - Bills
3. Crpalmi - Chargers
4. Cardsick45 - Raiders
5. Gottabe - Dolphins
6. Crpalmi - Rams
7. Rareluck - Falcons
8. Dvashun - Jets

Available Teams;
Arizona Cardinals - Rabs
Baltimore Ravens - Sportscloset12
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List updated with proxy picks and Rareluck is on the clock.
That will do it for the draft although if anyone (current participants only) want to pick up either unclaimed teams (Cardinals or Ravens) at $12 per team just let me know. While it's too late to add anything else to this break we would roll over any extra sales to Octobers Hobby break. If nobody wants them the hits will be randomized to any full cost slots that go hitless. If everyone gets something then all full cost team owners will be in the random for extra hits from these two teams.

I'll keep you posted if the boxes arrive tomorrow as scheduled. If so looking at a 9:30pm(ct) break tomorrow night. Good luck all!
I guess I will take the Cardinals for $12.
Sorry guys, it does not look good for tonight as I missed the UPS guy and may not get a chance to get to the warehouse due to an appointment. I'll let you know but it looks like it may be a Friday break.
Break is on!

I was able to catch up with the truck in another location and the boxes are in-hand. I'm off to an appointment but should be back and ready to break at 9:30pm(ct). I'll add the link to the live stream here on the thread shortly before break time!

Good luck all!