Football 2017 Donruss Optic FB Casebreakers Group Case Break - COMPLETE

Just getting logged in now...give me a couple minutes.
Try this link and let me know if you can hear and see me. Chat in on the thread;

LIVE NOW at come and check it out!
Thanks guys, it was a "super" break. I'll get the recap video up in the morning and cards will be out after the weekend. Please let me know if you want the vet base as well.
I will take base, thanks Chris.
Thanks again guys, here's the recap;

Very nice case! Can't remember the last time I saw two 1/1s in one case!
Rareluck claims the Panthers going forward.
Hobby break for Feb so next Casebreakers will be National Treasures on March 7th. If there’s interest we could follow it up with a late March break of Optic Contenders as I’m curious about that product.