Football 2017 Donruss Optic FB Casebreakers Group Case Break - COMPLETE

List updated and Franklinguy52 is up.
List is updated and Sportscloset12 is up. After he picks all remaining teams will be available for the $18 draft price if anyone is interested.
We have 3 unclaimed teams left so if any participant would like to pick up 1 or 2 at the $18 draft slot price just say the word.

Available Teams;
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -
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Case is due to arrive Friday so if it gets here I will try to break that night. I'll update as we get closer.
Just got the case as I had to meet the driver at the warehouse. Break is on for 9pm(Ct). We are short on budget so I am going to take the Dolphins but will randomize hits from the other unclaimed teams.
Also Yzerisdaman is claiming the Giants in this break going forward.
I'll take the Dolphins if still available.
Thanks Joe, you can take the Dolphins, I only took them to get to budget. They're all yours!