2015 - TCZ Secret Santa


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It's that time of year again and TCZ's Secret Santa is back. For those of you who don't know who this works, here are the rules.

Post in this thread that you want to participate (All members are eligible)

PM me your name and address with your collecting interests

Gift packages must total an amount of at least $10

If there is a certain member that you would like to send to, please let me know via PM. I will try to match up people the best that I can with collecting interests.

And one last thing, if you do not send to your appointed member, then you may be subject to suspension from TCZ.

Thanks, and have fun!


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Green means received


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I think I will be in but I am not sure to understand the way it works
You PM @pwolantern with a list of players/teams/sets/etc that you collect, along with your address. He'll take everyone who has messaged him and randomize the list. Then he'll PM you back with someone else's info. You'll then send that person a card, valued at $10 or more. It doesn't have to be something off their list, but it is preferred if possible.

Basically, you're going to send some random member a Christmas present and another random member is going to send you one too.


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Still waiting on a couple of addresses, so everyone should know who they are sending out to no later than Thursday night