Whew ... finally got all my scans done! Here's my bucket!

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  1. Oh man, I'm glad I started scanning cards now when I still have so few because even that took forever. I'll have to be sure to keep up on my scanning and not fall behind. Anyway, I finally finished my bucket so if you guys want to take a look, feel free. I'm sure I still have some random things to add once I find them but nothing huge. Anyway, if you guys have buckets, I always follow back. Love seeing people's updates.


  2. Mike

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    Looks good Christian. The only thing I would suggest is that once you get more cards to maybe also separate the GU and autos too.
  3. What do you mean separate them? I'm keeping all the cards in order by player so it should be easy enough for people to find stuff. Not sure how other people to it though.
  4. Mike

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    What I mean is, in each sport folder, have 2 sub-folders (Memorabilia, Autos). Sometimes people are only wanting to look at your autos, or game used stuff. If you have 50 pages worth of all cards combined it might turn some people off. However, if they're looking for autos only and you have them all in 1 place that might be better. Take a look at my bucket to see how I do it, or at other's to see how they do it. It's very easy for anyone to find the type of card they're looking for, then once in the right folder all the cards are listed by player's last name. Obviously you don't have to do it this way. Just a suggestion. I just try to make it as easy as possible for someone to find exactly what it is they're looking for.
  5. Ah, gotcha. So which folder do you put it in if it's a patch auto? lol
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    For me, if it's an auto it goes into the Autos folder regardless of what else it has on it. I have seen people, though, make a Auto/GU folder though.
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    I see Luck!!

    Looking good. Looking like a new photobucket :P good to see that you scan every pc card, easier to pick out stuff for ya :P
  8. hahaha ... funny stuff.

    and yes, i have a couple luck inserts. ;) for now, anyway. i'm planning on shipping them overseas. sorry bud.
  9. Nice cards man.
    If any of these are for trade please tell me

    Luck bowman
    Cam gu
    Manning gu
    Stafford and griffins
  10. Anything that's not in the PC folder is FS/FT and my PC folder should give you an idea of what kind of stuff I'd trade for. :) Feel free to shoot me a PM with any offers.

    The only exception is the Lucks ... I haven't moved them to the "sold or traded" folder yet but they're spoken for.