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  1. Hey guys my name is Scott and I am a college kid who loves collecting mainly baseball and basketball cards. I have some football autos and jerseys but not a lot. Since I am a college kid I cant afford the high end boxes but I still have some pretty sick cards. The teams I collect are the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Seahawks, and any Washington State University Alumni (ex. Klay Thompson). if you guys want to know anything else lmk. Hopefully we can have an awesome time together here.
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  2. Mike

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    Welcome aboard, Scott. Looking forward to seeing you around the boards. How did you hear about TCZ? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me (or any other staff member) any time.
  3. franklinguy52

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    Welcome, and I have some decent D-Backs cards that I will be able to offer for the Bruce and Cozart. I will PM you this afternoon with a trade offer. If you need any help with the site, just let me know.
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    Welcome to TCZ!
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    Welcome to the Zone.

    I recently got some early 90s Basketball cards, I haven't completely sorted through stuff but there are plenty of Suns in the bunch. For Basketball I only collect the Bullets now Wizards.
  6. what kind of early suns? Any nash stuff?
  7. captkirk42

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    1990s around 1993-1996 Didn't see any Nash.

    I can check later tonight and try to get a list up of specific Suns cards/players.
  8. cool thanks
  9. So I just set up a photo bucket with all my cards that are FT or FS. Please check them out ASAP and let me know any you are interested in.
  10. captkirk42

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    Sorry about not having the list yet, I got a bit tired last night, the Nationals losing to the Phillies didn't help. I pulled out the suns cards I just gotta make the list.
  11. ok thats fine. I meant it as everyone check out my photobucket. I feel ya my Dbacks losing to the Doyers wasn't fun either.
  12. captkirk42

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    Sending PM with list.
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    Delayed welcome to the trading card forum of the future! :D
  14. How do I post..I figured out how to reply but cant find an option for A new post