TCZ Showdown: I See You!

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  1. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    The Trading Card Zone Showdown category, this time, will be I See You!.


    Post a card with a strange/random guy in the background.

    What is the Trading Card Zone Showdown?

    The TCZ Showdown is a fun thing we'll do every few weeks to give members a chance to submit some of their strange cards they normally may never display. Each week we'll post a new category and a poll for the members to vote on the previous week's entries. There won't be any prizes given out, for now.


    • Cards must be of actual people, without dress/make-up, unless the category requests it.
    • Each member can enter a max of 2 entries.
    • Post your entries, as scans, directly into this thread.

    If you have any category ideas, please PM me a category title (no more than 40 characters) and a brief description of your category.
  2. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    I have found 2 cards that I think I will enter.
    The first has a guy in some horrible zebra striped shorts:

    The second is probably hanging on Mitch Richmond's wall as it has Mahgic Johnson looking on in amazement at his layup:
  3. My first post is for the TCZ coin. :)

    I'll find one of this eventually. Also, don't hate on the Zubaz shorts. :thumbsup: