people with sports cards piss me off sometimes.

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  1. sorry i wan tto vent. so i started to try and get the 2012 carson palmer inceptions # cards. so i find a great deal on the red one. number 3/50. so the guy is like 10 shipped and its yours. so i say deal and ask for pay pal. then he comes back and says a guy offered him 15 and its his jersey # blah blah blah. so now he wants 15. im going to pay because i really want it. but geez just makes me mad:angry: sorry to vent!
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    Wow, what a douche! :ohmy:

    That happens sometimes, when people only care about the $$$ :(
  3. yea like i was telling braveskid im not in it for the money but geez dont go changing on me when youj ust said a price. he just pmed me saying he felt bad and would throw in a few extra palmers. how thought ful
  4. That's messed up. :(
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    Chances are, the guy was just trying to milk you for some more money, which stinks when you're dealing with a PC item. I don't mind overpaying a little for a PC item, but if I get the feeling that the seller is just trying to make a few extra bucks off of me I'd rather just do without that one. Glad you were able to get yours though.
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    I really hate when this happens. Some people truly have no appreciation for the hobby.