NT Group break hits, "oh yeah"


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Got in a couple of Group breaks on Blowout TV's site last Friday.

The 1st break was a 2 box divisional which I split a spot with another breaker & got 1 hit, the Tompkins. On the 2nd 2 box divisional break I bought 2 divisions and did a bit better.



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That Peterson just sold on ebay for $700+. I think you're in good shape, Bud!


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I saw that $787 & thought no way, but went to feedback & the seller was paid & left fb, nicer patch than mine for sure but he will need mine to complete


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Awesome stuff! Thst Peterson is beyond words!


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Thanks guys I got lucky,

the patch is from the 2010 season the "50th" Anniv. patch & according to the back it is game used -


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Awesome haul.. but that AP.. thats nuts! :O