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  1. Do you have any? An if so, what are they?

    I have a few. It's a 95 or 96 emmitt smith tsc metalists on the back it's half white and on the other half it's part of the back of Dana stubifields card. A 49er.

    96-97 ultra Chris kaman with Steve Nash's name on the front. And stats and info on the back
    96-97 rookie I can't spell his name. Basketball. Blank back.
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    I have just 1, that I know of. It's a Miesha Tate Triple Threads Relic. Her name is misspelled. It says "Meisha" instead of "Miesha".

  3. Thanks for posting. I'd like this thread to get a lot of hits. I got ripped off on one of the most valuable misprints ever. I had the 1990 topps frank Thomas no name on front. Books for $700 now. I traded it off for about 10 emmitt smith cards. I didn't know the value or I would have kept it. But I was thinking about that card and so a thread was born lol. Stupidest trade I've ever made. I kinda like misprints to an extent. Because some are rare and they are interesting.
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    Try to do some research on that Basketball one, sometimes a blank back is a prototype card, depending on the set.

    Trying to recall what misprints I've got (other than the misprint/error cards that make the price guides)

    Got this miscut of 1974 Topps Football of John Wilber Redskins (with Browns showing at top) I'd have to dig it up to see how the badly miscut the back is I didn't scan it back when I scanned the front.

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    For those interested I have blogged about a few of the error cards I have (those mention in my blog are of the type that are known errors sometimes corrected sometimes not). I have others lying around my collection in places but I haven't gotten around to blogging about them.
  6. In the new 2013 score. The Kendal wright card talks about catching passes from rg3 in college and now catching passes from the 2012 #1 overall pick Andrew luck lol. Big mistake score. he catches passes by one of the worst qbs in the league. Jake locker.
  7. sor
    ry to but in but was the f tohmas card 1990 upper deck pictures only no stats no name or anything exesept u d logo

    have you seen the davy lopes misprint him on front someoneelses stats on back
  8. I just bought a box of 07 Classics from NSSC and the entire box was misprints. Every base card had the pic and info on the back of one guy, and someone else's name on the bottom.
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    07 Classics is notorious for having the wrong name printed on the front of the card. For example I have the Torry Holt card with Thomas Jones' name on front. I"m pretty sure I have the full regular set of 07 (got some help a few years back to finish what I needed) but I think the Holt error is my only error I got.

    http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/...ball NFT/Rams/holt2007donrussclassic91err.jpg
  10. It was crazy. Every pack I was getting mad. I couldn't believe it was every card in every pack. And of course panini would not do anything cuz the box is more than a year old.
  11. george


    have a 1974 #6 hank aaron card ---on the back of card is stan bahnsen's statistics. i have never heard of these errors in 1974. wonder if card is rare or just another mistake. have been looking for another one but can't find. if someone could help, i'd appreciate thanks gamblingeorge
  12. I have a Junior Seau Mis cut it show half his card and another Chiefs player
    and a Otis Nixon misprint miscut
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    You have what they call a "wrongback" this happens when the cards sheet is matched up with a back sheet that is upside down or reversed. It seems to be common enough error over the years, apparently cards from the 60s seem to be more valuable than those from the 70s. - from the quick little research I did.

    Ebay has several 80s and 90s wrongbacks and a few 60s.