lets play a game


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pretty easy...

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I figure this should be here by the end of the month, so a week...


the game...WHEN I get a promo hopefully a BIN/BO in June, but who knows with the crap they are pulling there at ebay...what percentage of my 'investment' do I get back during the promo period?

must go with WHOLE NUMBERS, and don't be afraid to use numbers over 100, as my last flip, the leinart lots, I ended up getting 110% back in the first cycle...

winner will get a random Olympic lot out of this...seems to be over 100 boxes of hits...golds are 3 per box...and the inserts, those are 6 per box...

personally, im going to guess 88%

put your single guess in this tread, no editing, no one can guess the same number as another person...im mostly blind on the lot, the relics aren't good, I just hope its gold that will help me make a couple more sets