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  1. How would you put a value on a base card that you have signed? Is it even worth anything other than personal value? I say now but I have a buddy that's curious so i thought I would get yalls take on it. Thanks
  2. Mike

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    For me, personally, it would just lessen the value. There are simply too many fraudulent cards out there for me to want to spend much money, if any at all, on a non-certified auto card. Heck, it's scary enough to take the manufacturer's word that the autos are legit, much less an individual seller. That's just me, though.
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  3. I agree with Mike... If I personally got it signed, then it would hold value to me but I would not seek out or buy any that were not manufacturer certified...
  4. It's something he's wanting signed. Leveon bell currently with the steelers in coming to the shop. And he wants his auto. (don't know why) lol. But he does. Just curious. I'll let him know. Thanks guys

  5. In that case, I dont think it would add value to the card if he wanted to sell but if he just wanted to collect, then I say go for it.
  6. Mike

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    Oh yeah, I certainly didn't mean to discourage anyone from doing this. Heck, I'd definitely do it if I could get one of my favorite athletes to sign a card for me. That said, it would be something that stayed in my collection. I wouldn't expect to be able to sell it for a premium price.