Ginormous mail day. Ugh!

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  1. Okay guys so today's mail day was way too big to even motivate myself to start scans on so I'm just going to type some things out and in the next day or two, I'll add some pictures to the thread. Maybe a couple tonight if I get motivated. I got mail from ebay, from livecasebreak and even from topps today. SOOOOO much stuff.

    From ebay:

    2012 Heritage Justin Upton SP (the color-switch SP)
    2011 Topps Platinum Larry Fitzgerald die cut
    2011 Rookies & Stars Ryan Williams Dress for Success Jersey (164/299)
    2011 Topps Chrome Refractor Justin Upton (273/562)
    2010-2011 SP Authentic Fabrics Shane Doan Jersey (026/100)

    From Topps:
    I got my 5-card pack from my wrapper redemption of series 2. Sadly, no auto but I was stoked about the first card on this list as it was staring at me as I ripped the pack open:

    2012 Gold Rush Justin Upton
    2012 Gold Rush Bob Gibson
    2012 Gold Rush Rick Porcello
    2012 Gold Rush Gio Gonzalez
    2012 Gold Rush Yonder Alonso

    From LiveCaseBreak:

    A ton of Bowman Platinum base cards from a box I bought
    A team bag full of Topps Archives cards from some packs I bought including short prints of Sandy Koufax and Cecil Fielder

    2012 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph - Joe Charboneau (on-card)

    2012 Museum Collection Clayton Kershaw base
    2012 Museum Collection Troy Tulowitzki Primary Pieces (29/75) - SICK card. Quad jersey. 3 with a single stripe and one with a SICK patch.

    Bowman Platinum X-Fractors of:
    Kevin Mailloux
    Derek Norris
    Michael Choice
    Carlos Perez
    Drew Pomeranz

    Bowman Platinum Gold of:
    Troy Tulowitzki
    Freddie Freeman (RC)
    Yonder Alonzo (RC)

    Bowman Platinum Green of:
    Andrew McCutchen
    Vernon Wells

    Bowman Platinum Ruby of:
    Cole Hamels

    Bowman Platinum Relic (bat) auto of John McDonald (1022/1166)
    Bowman Platinum Blue auto Michael Choice (55/99)
    Bowman Platinum auto Kyle Seger
    Bowman Platinum Prospects Blue Brandon Short (073/199)
    Bowman Platinum Prospects Green Alex Wimmers (440/599)

    WHEW! That was a lot!

    OH WAIT! I FORGOT! Tim at LCB was so kind that he included some Uptons for my PC along with my shipment!!

    2010 Bowman Platinum
    2011 Bowman Platinum
    2012 Gypsy Queen
    2010 Bowman Chrome
    and a Chris Young insert from Gypsy Queen

    Holy hell, that's a lot of cards!!! I'll be posting a scan of the Tulo quad patch here soon because it's too pretty not to post but for the rest of the scans, I'm thinking that'll be another day. I'll add them to this thread though. I just started a new job today so I'll be trying to figure out how to juggle my hobby now that I'm back on a normal work schedule. lol
  2. nice mail day man!
  3. Choice Tulo!
  4. Thanks man! I thought it was pretty sweet.

    Okay so I scanned my PC stuff ... the rest of it I may just leave off of here unless anyone sees something specific in that list you want a scan of. They'll all eventually be scanned but there's no real point in updating old mail day posts. :) And now, for my PC hauls:









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    Holy card stacks! That is a nice mail day Christian, congrats! That Tulowitzki is a nasty patch too, especially for baseball!
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    Veeery long list, gotta love it when you gotta type for ages to add em all :D

    Nice stuff, the Tulo is indeed sweet :)
  7. Hehe, thanks all! I only have one or two more mail days coming up and then probably none for a couple/few weeks as I get moved into an apartment and what not. Today was a major surprise that they all came at once. lol
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    Great pck ups, that Tulowitzki is sweet!