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  1. Here are some cards I have for trade. I am interested in Topps Triple Threads Relics that spell out special words or names, and am willing to trade all these for any card #d/27, #/36, etc. I only have a few relic cards in my collection, and am trying to obtain more through trade. Thank -you. Here are the cards I have for trade:
    Mat Latos Topps 60 Relics
    Craig Biggio 1989 Fleer Rookie Card
    2011 Andre Ethier Topps Lineage
    2007 Artifact Apparel Upper Deck Jonathon Papelbon # 082/199
    If you are interested in these cards and have a Triple Threads Relic or autograph card, let me know. I am super excited to read the responses, thanks again!
  2. Mike

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    Are you trying to start a PC of Topps Triple Threads? Are you only looking for baseball?
  3. I am looking for mostly baseball right now, but I will consider any offers (BTW I like packers or cardinals football relics cards) I own a 2011 Topps Carlos Gonzalez #d/27 Walk-Off Cycle Relic card, and absolutely love the design. I thought it would be cool to start an all Triple Threads collection, so yes. I also like MLB hall of fame memorabilia, so I guess I am just looking to see what people offer and stuff. Are you interested in any specific card?
  4. Mike

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    No, not really. I have a TTT football card, of Torry Holt, I was going to see if you could use. ;)
  5. What year is it from and what does it spell out? Is it serial numbered?
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    Here's a scan of it: