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  1. Who is everyone's favorite player to collect? Mine is RG3. I am a diehard REDSKINS fan #HTTR
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    Good one. Currently for football yes, all-time? Well there are a couple of older Skins in front of RG3 in that line a few of them HOFers. Hopefully RG will be there some day.
  3. yes sir he will be one of the greats
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    Lets just get a decent O-line to protect him and his injury prone leg. I never wanna see a repeat of Joe Theismann's career ending injury on another player especially not a Redskin.
  5. yep kirk cosusins is looking good too so is our running game as well
  6. My favorite player to collect was emmitt smith. Currently sitting at 126 cards. New one is tavon Austin. Sitting at 21 cards. But not to shabby for a couple months collecting. And once the season starts nobody will care about rg3s leg (except skins fans) lol. Tavon Austin will electrify the nfl. Mark my words:)
  7. My favorite player to currently collect currently is DeAndre Hopkins. But honestly cant wait until next yr and I can start to collect Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins. If you couldnt tell, I am a Clemson fan.
  8. I just started, but my favorite player on the Orioles is Kevin Gausman.
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    Bernard Pollard. Love watching him play. Especially vs the Patriots :)
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    The Ladies' Man
  11. Favorite player to watch was Bernie Kosar for FB and Jim Thome for BB. I've had numerous player collections throughout the years but for some reason the only one that stuck was Charlie Frye (Browns RC QB in 2005 which is when I started getting back into collecting modern FB).
  12. I posted on June 6th last year with 21 tavon Austin's in my collection. I am now at 42 autos. 180 total tavons. That's a lot of work in a year.
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  13. Steven Jackson!! only rams tho and Reggie bush only with Saints..... maybe about 30 Jackson 20 or so Bush
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    I still have problems with Jackson as a.. um what is that team hes on now? Falcons yeah that's right hes a Falcon now. It is interesting how player trades affect collectors PCs.

    For me if a player has been on one of my fave teams my collecting preferences are obviously them in my fave teams uniform but I will usually also get their cards w/ them on other teams. It depends partly on how much I like the player. Some players I would collect no matter what team they had played on.
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