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  1. Great mail day from patsfan52 defiantly needed Redsox and Panthers to add to the PC! Carlton Fisk GU and Steve Smith xfractor great rookies.

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  2. Mail day today check the bucket nice Chuck Howley manufactured patch auto, sweet Marshal Faulk Gu /99,Adrian Foster gu patch/99, Randy Moss gu /99, Eli Manning /250 gu! Maybe Chuck is safe Mike doesn't like manufactured patches!
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    That Howley is a sweet looking card. Nice mail day, for sure!
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    Very nice
  8. I love the manufactured letter autos. Has to be the best auto I have seen and I have a Cam 10 auto from becket
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  13. Cards I received today first two as a pay it forward from @rivo tovar thanks man! And second two that "SWEET" Joe Adams 3 piece relic and the worst auto @Mike has ever seen Giovanni Bernard lol! My Panther collection is getting huge! Not to mention some great base cards.Ready for the next group break
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    Glad you like them, ill keep you posted if I get more