Been so busy, I forgot to show you guys!

So bradkcincy got me interested in these letter cards with his project. Now he did it (or is doing it) the right way ... putting it together. I admittedly took a shortcut and found a set already put together. You regulars remember my post about "do you ever feel bad" about winning an auction for way cheap. This is the auction I was talking about. Not going to talk actual figures but I'll just say that I got this whole set for basically the price of one of the cards.

That said ...



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Very cool Christian! I do, however, wish you guys would stop with these auto'd letter cards, because you're making me want to go after one and I'm not sure my wallet can handle it! :LOL:


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Very sweet, dont feel bad about, its a steal, and steals happen.. some bigger than others. Its a risk you take on ebay, so just be stoked! :D

Isnt the space between the cards in your sig a bit wide? Or?.. is it just me? :p if it is, nevermind then :LOL:
It's just a screen shot of the album view of my photobucket. It's just an image I made on the quick ... I'm sure one day I'll edit it and get rid of the spaces. :)