Are records really meant to be broken??

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Zimmy, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Bored at work and was looking over some player's stats on and came across Cy Young's stats.

    Wins- *511*
    Loss- *316*

    Games started- *815*
    Complete games- *749*
    Innings Pitched- *7,356.0*
    Runs (Runs scored/allowed)- *7,092*
    ER (Earned runs allowed)- *2,147*
    BF (Batters faced)- *29,565*

    The asterisks show that these are MLB records.

    Honestly, will we ever see someone break any of these? Or even come close. They've been records since his retirement in 1911
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    These will never be broken and no one will ever get close. The game has changed way to much for pitchers. That is why you rarely hear these mentioned, most people just want to hear about the records that there might be a chance to break. Young's number were amazing, I guess that is why they named the award after him.
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    I think that about nails it.