A New League to Compete with the NFL!?!?


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All for it.
it will do okay if, they follow what the USFL did in the first two years, get money guys to back it and get a few big name players and some name declining stars from the NFL along with good college talent. The key would be not to compete head to head against the NFL have it in the Spring and Summer. That is what killed the USFL, they moved to a head to head season in their third year and the league died.
Feel the same way man! But, if they played on Fridays during the "traditional" football season I doubt it watch it at all. Friday nights are for going to high school football games:salut:
Agreed. I have no issue with a Spring league. It would be nice to watch some football the day before my games! :D:D:D


IMo.. and i may be just naive..

I think this could just work, most NFL players now stay for only three years with their drafted team and really have to be an outstanding talent to find another team, there are far too many draftees now who do not make a team or get cut after three years for financial reasons, or just not good enough to make a roster. Every year a team drafts approx six to ten youngsters, how the hell are the teams gonna keep talent or veterans.

If the cap was in place twenty years ago, how long would have Marino stayed with Dolphins, or Elway with Bronco's or Montana/Young with 49ers. I think Vets are cut short long before they should be, and another league would benefit them also.

I just get peeved when teams lose a great player for no reason apart from Cap value. there are far too many changes to the rosters nowadays, no-one gets to settle in..

I may not be as wise as some on these issues, but i have my own feelings, and will rant about them..



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IMO - WHY would this work? The first three times they tried it, it failed. Granted there were some good (some GREAT) players came out of it, but look where they ended up...the NFL. If a player were to excel in this, where do you think they would go? If anything it could work for a couple of years at most, but then there would be no good players left, they would all want to go to the BIG game.

Two Thumbs down.