2013 Bowman Platinum Box Break

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  1. So I was debating whether or not to open a box of platinum today or wait until this weekend for the big blowout. Well I opened it today and boy am I glad I did! So you are supposed to get 3 hits a box and I ended up getting 5! The best hit by far that I got was a Yasiel Puig red refractor card #'d 22/25!! The toher 4 hits I got were Nick Castellanos Auto Relic, a Michael Kickham Auto, a Will Swanner Auto, and a Richie Shaffer Auto Relic blue refracot #'d 44/199. I was in pure shock when I pulled the Puig! If you want the Puig it is going to be on ebay here shortly. Here are the phots of the cards!
  2. franklinguy52

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    WOW! What a great box, congrats!
  3. Castellanos card for sale? I'm interested!
  4. for the right price it is!
  5. Let me know what price you want for it and we'll see if we can work it out.
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  6. Luke Anderson

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    great box indeed now we can only hope our box break will be so fruitful.
  7. and case break!
  8. captkirk42

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    Wow very nice. That Puig should get you plenty of $$:greedy::greedy: Strike while that iron is still hot.
  9. yeah hopefully it does! Thats why it is on ebay right now!
  10. pwolantern

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    Great box, hope the one that I am saving for this weekend is just as nice
  11. Man that card is getting up there in price
  12. captkirk42

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    Holy Bat[unquotable expletive or two] the last time I checked it last night or this morning? it was only $5.someting now it's almost $60?O.O
  13. yeah last night I was the first bid at $.99. I knew it would last long but I checked it again and it was at $51!
  14. I think all of you guys should keep bidding! ;)
  15. Well as much as I would like to help out a fellow college student, I have books and stuff to pay for also haha.
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