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  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite card or piece of sports memorabilia (that you own personally) and why it's your favorite. One winner will be selected at random (via random.org) and will win both of these cards:


    A second winner will be selected by a vote by the members of the forum in another thread that I'll create on Thursday evening so make sure you give a good story with your entry. :) That winner will receive ...


    You can earn one extra vote in the random drawing by tweeting about this contest and providing a link to this thread to your followers. To earn that entry, use hashtag #xiantcz in your tweet.

    The contest ends Sunday, August 26th at noon, PDT. Winners will be announced here and on Twitter at that time.

    PM me with any questions, follow me on Twitter at @XianSPL, follow @tradingcardzone and GOOD LUCK!!!
    (follows on twitter are not required to win this contest, however registering for the message board is so that you can post your entry)
  2. My favorite pieces in my collection would definately have to be my Cecil Fielder autographed bat and ball, yes Cecil. When I was a kid in 1990 my dad(from milford,MI) and grandma got me into card collecting when Fielder came to detroit. My dad and grandma both diehard tigers fans bought countless packs of 1990 Topps cards trying to pull a Fielder not knowing he was in the ''traded'' set! We eventually got numerous Fielder cards and tons of other cards. I became a diehard Tigers fan and Fielder fan in 1990 and we all know he hit 51 HRs in 1991. We lived in FL and my dad wanted to take me to a game to see Fielder play but never got the chance to cause he died in 1992, but left with me my love for the Tigers and collecting Fielder cards. My dads brother took me to my first game in Detroit in 1994 where I got to see Fielder hit a HR in person! Didnt have any luck meeting Fielder before or after game. But just this year fielder was being inducted into the Ted Williams hitters hall of fame in tropicana field in February. I emailed the directorr of the museum and told him my story of why I wanted to meet Fielder and he set me up with a ''meet and greet'' in the museum. So this is where Fielder signed the bat and ball and shook my hand. After all those years my dad did give me the chance to meet Fielder and that is why those item are and always will ne my favorite pieces in my collection!
  3. My favorite Card I own is definetly my Dwayne Bowe patch 1/1 With the full "W" from his jersey on the card. What makes this so awesome is that I saved up for This card for 5 months and when I was finally able to buy it, I felt very accomplished. When I finally held the card in my hand, it was amazing because I realized that I was holding 1/4 of Dwayne Bowes last name from his jersey. Dwayne Bowe is my PC, so I will never get rid of this card and it will always be the holy grail of my collection.
  4. Awesome stories so far! Thanks for participating!
  5. In 1969 I went with a buddy, also a Oriole fan, to see the O's play at Yankee Stadium on a mid-week afternoon. We'd decided that we'd make a couple of banners to support our club. We set to work dividing an old bed sheet and, with orange paint and a marker, we each created a work of art. His was the number '5' for Brooks Robinson. Mine was a '20' in orange with 'RF' added on.
    We missed the Orioles' batting practice session but we hung out near the third base dugout in hopes the players would see our signs when they warmed up. Then a batboy approached me and asked if I would like him to take my banner to Frank in the clubhouse and show it to him. I said 'Sure' and handed it to him not knowing if I'd see it again. Moments later here comes my banner up the dugout steps being carried by Frank Robinson himself. He asked whose it was and brought it over to me and thanked me for bringing it. He asked for my pen and signed it right in the middle on the '0'. 42 years later I still have it. It's discolored and been stained a bit along the way, the orange color had darkened to a pinkish red and the autograph has faded some. But that banner still means more to me than any piece of memorabilia I own.


  6. Wow, that's awesome!
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    That is awesome Bob! I love to read your stories, baseball has always been my passion and the colecting is just an extension of that.
  8. Thanks, guys. I've been pretty fortunate to meet some of the players I did. I may not follow baseball day-to-day like it did but I still enjoy the game and have fun watching even if I'm not so familiar with all the guys playing.
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    I am actually getting even more into the game again. The game is starting to get back to what it is suppose to be, with the homerun totals decreasing, it starting to get exciting again for some of the old school baseball fans.
  10. Franklinguy52 I see u have the Billy Hamilton banner on ir post! I live in pensacola, fl where he broke record AND I was at the game and got 1 of the dugout lineup cards from his record breaking game! He signed it for me yesterday! I would post a pic but I cant figure out how from my phone.....
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    Sweet, I got to see him play last year when he came to Bowling Green with the Dayton Dragons. I got him to sign a major league ball and a couple of cards. He is not the most interactive player, but was always willing to sign. Billy is amazing on the basepaths and this year he is hitting .318 (last I checked), so he should be a blast to watch as he makes his way to the Reds!

  12. I've delayed posting the voting thread because I was waiting for more people to enter. Sadly, it's looking like the prizes aren't enough to entice more entries so ... I'll set a time of 8pm PDT tonight which is when I'll post the poll. In order to give people enough time to vote, the winner of the Zimmerman auto will be announced Sunday at 4pm PDT. I'll annouce the winner of the random drawing for the two football autos on Saturday morning whenever I wake up and get to it.

    Moral of the story ... if you haven't entered yet and want to, your deadline to submit your story is 8pm PDT tonight.
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    I think that the commishbob story pretty much stopped people from entering because it will be very tough to beat. My favorite piece of mamorabilia is my autographed picture of the Big Red machine:

    There is not a great story with it because I did not gert it in person, but the meaning behind it makes it the best for me. I lost my dad 18 years ago and we used to go to see the Reds play several times a year. The first game that he took me to, I got to see Gorge Foster hit a walk-off homerun, which instantly made me a Reds fan for life. Then 4 years ago my mom surprised me with the picture as a gift. I have seen similar one priced around $1000 but to me it is a priceless meory of my dad an a wonderful gift from my mom.
  14. Franklinguy that's a terrific piece. Like you I have memories of my dad which are closely tied to baseball. It's one of the reasons vintage cards of the 50s and 60s are dear to me.
  15. Poll has been posted.