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    I have the following cards I'd like to trade for Washington Capitals cards, Autos (preferably on-card) or Inserts. Or maybe sell (I'd have to determine a reasonable sell price)

    2005-06 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey J2-PS Patrick Sharp Flyers GU All Orange - Under Negotiations

    2006/07 SPX Hockey 147 David Printz Flyers GU All Black 1865/1999 - Under Negotiations

    2002 Vanguard Game-Used Memorabilia 1 Double-Sided Authentic Game-Worn Jerseys
    Paul Kariya (All Green)
    Oleg Tverdovsky (All White) both of the Anaheim Ducks

    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Hockey Signature Shots SS-GB Gilbert Brule Blue Jackets On-Card Blue Sharpie - Auto area is a puck design Very Cool looking.

    I will try to update this thread with new cards from time to time as the previous ones hopefully get traded away or sold.
  2. I have a bunch of Capital inserts laying around here somewhere, not sure if I can use your traders, maybe the Flyers, lmk and I will get some scans up for you.
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    OK sounds good. I could include them in the "chain" package from TCC that I have to get off my butt and fill up. I have a least one bonus card for you I think you'll like.
  4. Ok, I will post them here, or maybe just send ya what I have, been trying to make space at home, I will let ya know
  5. Started a pile for you, if you still want to make a trade
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    Sure. You said you wanted those two Flyers in this thread? I think I have one or two Redwing GU? cards got to check tonight to see if I'm remembering things right and to see if I can dig anything else up (got to look in my older Hockey section for some goodies)

    Lately the only Hockey I've been getting is whatever I get from the TCC group break Other than my PC Caps I usually rotate between the Lightning, Ducks and Panthers as my other team. Occasionally I get one of the "random" teams gotta see what I've forgotten from those.
  7. Okay, I do have some nice Ducks and Panthers cards also, for caps I found RCs and Inserts from different years, no GU or AU, too many to list right now, can do a lot trade and will post scans of them! Still looking through my stuff as I have lots to go through still, by the end of the week I will be ready!
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    I need that time to look more as well. I'm Caps ONLY (and Ex Caps players). The only Hockey I have been getting lately has been from group breaks. Some of my older stuff is a hodge podge of teams.
  9. hey Kirk, I have a 2 Ovi Cards

    04/05 Heroes And Prospects #117
    06/07 Fleer Ultra Rookie #252
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    Roy cool I don't think I have either of those. If you are looking to trade could you wait a while? I have a few trade obligations I'm in right now and need to double check what I'm supposed to be looking for for people. I agreed to too many transactions at one time and got myself confused and overwhelmed. I'm just glad I'm not huddled in a corner mumbling stuff like UD GU 3 color for Panini auto ACK ON-STICKER Sage Chrome Ick ACK!
  11. sure i can wait let me know