Wtt Andrew Luck


TP9 | VC15
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Let me know which ones of these Lucks you have left, and see if there is anything in my bucket that you can use for them. I don't have any Russell Wilson, but hopefully there will be something in there you can use.
I got a few more lucks what ones you want for those two
I can't get enough Luck rookies,lmao.....but I don't think I have the panini in the upper right hand corner...I don't have the 2013 bowman's either...I wouldn't know of a bv on any promotional cards,I really don't even care about bv's unless it get's expensive...I'll tell you what, I have approx $7 bucks in them,that's all...so just propose what you might think is fair and I'm okay with it.(btw,they are being shipped to me today,so I won't actually have them for a few days). Have a great day...