Worth Anything?


Bench Warmer
Hey guys, I'm looking to see if any of these cards are worth anything. Yes I'm a noob to this stuff, and I'm not really into getting ultra rare type stuff just some cool cards nothing that is too valuable. I'm not trying to troll I'm just trying to see if these cards are worth anything and if anyone has some cards of low value willing to do some small time trades. Just trying to find cool cards, not really into the high value stuff, just basic really.







Like I said, I'm not trying to get anything of high value, just looking to get some cool cards. Lemme know if any of you guys are up for it, thanks.


Bench Warmer
Trikz - Just a friendly FYI, if you're dealing with base cards (basically, the common cards that come 5-10 per pack), they're extremely inexpensive. Don't spend a ton on 'em, as you can get for next to nothing. Heck, a lot of folks will get them to you free of charge.

Best of luck on your future collecting!
Yes, base cards are what I'm after for now. I'm learning slowly but surely, haha. Thanks man.