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  1. I'm swimming in baseball cards right now. I had two huge mail days including a couple LCB breaks I did last week as well as a bunch of ebay stuff come in. There are cards everywhere! On top of it, I bought that A&G today (nothing spectacular came out of it ... 3 mini relics of mediocre players was it) so I have all those cards sitting here. I have stacks that need to be scanned, stacks that need to go in binders, stacks that need to be boxed up and taken to my LCS so they'll have doubles for other customers ...

    I seriously picked the wrong week to start a second job. lol

    I suppose if too many cards is my only problem, I'm doing pretty good, eh? lol
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    Just remember if any Nationals or Orioles are clogging up your collection you can always send them my way :)
  3. Hahaha, I'm quite sure I do but they'd just be various base cards. I can't think of any hits from either team that I have right now. Would you want those? You should PM me your address and I'll shoot some in the mail once I get this all organized.
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    I will take care of any Reds that are in your way, including base. I am sure I find something to send your way, too.
  5. Sure thing. PM me your address (and write in there that you're looking for any Reds so I don't forget why you're sending me the address) and I'll be sure to put those aside for ya.
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    Its a good thing to have stacks upon stacks ready for sorting, in fact for me, if theres nothing to sort, or put in its rightful place.. its honestly sad :(
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    Address sent and make sure that you send me yours and I will see what I can put together for you.
  8. any A&G rip cards?
  9. Sadly, no. I honestly didn't get anything good at all out of A&G. My three hits were all framed minis of Ricky Romero, Evan Meek and Clay Buchholz. A whole bunch of "meh".