who is ready for football season???

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  1. im so ready for football! been watching anything football that comes on tv lol. so who do you think will have a great season and who will be the worst team this season?i think the colts will be the worst they let to many players go just dont see luck doing well. not that i dont like luck just going to be a rough start. i really think the panthers will be in the running this year cam looked good last year. as always praying cincy does good!
  2. Mike

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    Honestly, and I know I'm biased, I feel like the Cowboys and Giants are the top 2 teams coming out of the NFC. If the improvements Dallas made to their secondary this year pay off like we hope, I think they'll be incredibly hard to beat.

    Out of the AFC, I'm going with the Broncos and the Patriots. The addition of Peyton to the Broncos is going to give them at least another 3-4 wins on last year's playoff team. It's also just too hard, as much as I dislike the team, to pick against the Patriots. The Brady and Belichick combo is a great one that always seems to be able to get the job done, regardless of what else they have going on or how little talent they seem to have.
  3. if peyton can take the hits broncos should be good! and yea pats are always good lol.
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    I agree that the Giants and Cowboys are gonna be the top teams coming out of the NFC, it will be interesting to see which one of them will come out on top. As far as the AFC goes, I think that Baltimore is going to be the team that will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.
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    Wait wait, Giants and Cowboys ahead of the Packers? Seriously? Giants 1a, Packers 1b. San Fran next, and depending on how much the suspensions etc affect the Saints, they'd be fourth. Then, maybe, possibly the 'Boys.. They're looking way, way better the next season than they did last season, but as a top 2 team?

    AFC is interesting too. Bengals had a great draft, and they looked great in the play offs. Wonder how much better the Broncos get with Peyton?.. But, sadly, it's gotta be the Pats on top..

    And Brad, I've been ready for the football season ever since Andrew Luck was picked by the Colts in april :lol: Speaking of the Colts, I wouldn't mind them being awful again so they get more quality picks next year :P But boy o boy the Jags look awful. I think they'll land the first pick next year.
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    Not ready yet Baseball season is still in full swing and not yet up to the All-Star Break. As a Skins fan I love the seasons when the Skins are doing well and Dallas is in the basement.
  7. Mike

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    I have a feeling you're not going to love this season then. :P
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    Probably not. So the Skins got a QB. He's raw and hasn't been tested yet could be another what was his name a year or two ago? ....Oh yeah Donovan McNabb. Then there was Albert PAINSnotworth. Don't get me started. I think that is why I'm also a Rams fan. They don't do squat and are not promised to. :lol:
  9. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Actually.. They got two. And if I were you, I'd be more excited about the fourth round pick than the 2nd overall one. Cousins looks really really good. I like RG3, but Cousins.. I like him better :lol:
  10. well training camp starts for most teams july 26! im so ready to use my nfl sunday ticket that i finally got yay!