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    NPN (short for No Purchase Necessary) programs are a fun, and easy, way to try to get free sports cards directly from sports card manufacturers. The odds of hitting an insert, or even some jersey/autograph cards, are the same as if you were to open a pack of cards (at least that's what the manufacturers tell us).

    Usually, the NPN information is written on the back of the pack the cards came out of. There is usually an address, followed by some pretty specific instructions (must be mailed in a #10 envelope, for example). You'll want to follow these instructions to a "T"! You definitely don't want to give anyone the opportunity to toss out your submission.

    Most of the time you will just have to mail a 3x5 index card with your name and address, in a #10 envelope, to a specified address. If you are from Canada, you'll also probably have to answer a mathematical skills question to qualify. There are also usually limitations as to how many can be sent per household, and you can only put 1 index card per envelope.

    I should mention that Upper Deck is slightly different. Instead of mailing in your submission, you simply go to the following website to enter their NPN program online. http://sports.upperdeck.com/npn/

    So, what are you waiting on? Get after those free cards, and don't forget to let us know what you get!
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    Nice info, Mike!
  3. Never done it before but may try as I collect more recent stuff!
  4. Thanks for the info going to give it a try..Thanks Mike
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  5. Thanks for the link entered contest!