What boxes have you opened lately?

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  1. Anyone having any luck in 2013? Busted any of the new stuff yet? If so what's your favorite product out so far? All sports apply on this one. Even though I'm mainly a football guy
  2. Only thing I've busted is a few blasters of 2013 Score and have had some pretty good luck with auots. I actually really like the product. But I will probably be busting a box or two of Bowman Football here soon.
  3. I can't wait to open bowman
  4. Mike

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    I was in a group break of Archives. Can't say I was too impressed with it, and certainly won't be buying any of it for myself (hopefully won't be buying any of it, period). I'm really looking forward to Prestige. It's one of my favorite products to start the new year off with. I'm sure Mark and I will be splitting a box of it again this year at some point (in the near future, I hope).
  5. Yeah, Mike... I was in a few breaks of both Baseball and Football Archives and wasn't too impressed with either. I think the novelty is fun for a pack or two but a whole box would be a bit much. Plus, with me being only 27 yrs old the designs, while cool, do not hold the same sentimental value as they would for someone older.
  6. The LCS owner tried his best to get me to buy a box of archives football. I was like, negative. Went in to buy a box and it was all he had so I left empty handed. Hits were horrible I thought and it wasn't a product I liked. I can't wait for prestige. I have two size 13 shoeboxes full of 2012 lol. This year I'll probably buy more considering my 3 favorite players went 1st, 2nd , 3rd round in the draft their cards will e a blast to chase. Outside of personal collecting it's not knowing clear front runners on who will be good/great or go bust. Kind of a challenging year to collect. Unless you collect some of the most sought after rookies in the class. Which unfortunately I do haha. But hey. It's the year of the eer. Let's
    Go mountaineers.
  7. Opened some bowman rack pack and they were packed. David wilson jersey numbered 22/25. Mark Ingram jeresey card. Some auto by a player I've never heard of. Tyler eifert and Rex burkhead #\199. And a geno smith base rookie along with about 12 other first rounders. Ej manual, Tyler bray, cordarelle Patterson, Terrance Williams. Lol those aren't the first rounders but a few players I'm happy with. :). Nice packs
  8. Since you have this guy as your default pic I am inclined to tell you on a rack pack of the new bowman I pulled the cam newton die cut. Sweet card. Could be yours lol. If you wanna make a trade. If throw in the topps magic mini and a few others as well
  9. What is your PC? Maybe we can make a trade during the trade-a-thon.
  10. I collect geno smith tavon Austin and stedman bailey. Super collect tavon Austin. I have all base cards that have come out so far of theirs. Lol. I just have a couple
    Of the variations. Those are what I'm currently looking for. Bowman variations. And score purple /99 for geno and stedman. Also hot rookie inserts for geno and stedman /99. I know that sounds picky but you said you opened some score so it's worth a shot. But for these guys if step it up a notch. Who else do you collect?
  11. I've only pulled one Geno (Score Base) and one Tavon (Score Base). If i get anymore or well, anything, I will definatly let you know.
  12. Ok s
  13. I wanted to give you a heads up. My redemption from panini came in and since I'd say you are a panthers fan it's a joe Adams rookie materials auto #\499. Want it along with the newtons when you are ready for a trade ?

  14. Update for you. 2013 bowman chrome refractor auto. Kenyon barner. If you pull some mountaineers I'll throw that in with the cam newtons if Interested