Ultra-Pro vs BCW Toploaders and Penny Sleeves

Discussion in 'Hobby Talk' started by Mike, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    I have always used Ultra-Pro toploaders and penny sleeves, but have wondered if there is a real difference between those and BCW toploaders and sleeves. They look the same, sure, but do the BCW ones last as long? I've heard rumors that cheaper supplies will start to yellow after a few years. Have any of y'all, who have used BCW supplies for a while, ever had any problems with them?

    The only difference I can see, which is really what has me thinking, is the price. BCW supplies seem to be a little cheaper than Ultra-Pro's. I'm sure a little bit of that, like everything else, might be the name but I can't help but think it might also have a little to do with the quality.
  2. I, too, am a Ultra-Pro advocate.

    They do not yellow, they are more consistently sized and ultimately
    are the better value. I buy their Platinum series binder sheets and
    soft sleeves by the case. A company that has housed my collection
    for twenty plus years, Ultra-Pro wins this competition hands down.

    Collect Hard!,
  3. Jeremy

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    I dont own any 10+year old BCW supplies but I can tell you this...... Cheaper toploaders do not last in the long run..... I have some oldies that crack, yellow and even shrink....

    Im not qualified to debate the BCW VS Ultra PRO argument.... But I can say I stay away from cheaper supplies... When possible I choose Ultra Pro...
  4. I usually buy Ultra-Pro, but a couple years back, I bought like 2 500 count boxes full of toploaders. I'm assuming they were mixed as some were very yellow and old. They did hold up and protect the card (w/ a penny sleeve in there), so I didn't mind the yellowing. My nicer cards I put in newer, clearer loaders and I usually just shipped cards that I sold on eBay in the yellower ones if they were still able to protect the card.

    Personally I don't mind the yellowing, it doesn't matter to be as I use it mostly to storage and not display cards.

    As for penny-sleeves, Ultra-Pro is the only way to go. Cheaper penny-sleeves are made of different plastics, are shaped differently, etc. and it's harder to put into a loader, thus damaging the card.
  5. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    I honestly dont know.. I have some holders that has turned yellow, are they BCW then?
  6. Mike

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    Not necessarily. I'm sure there are plenty of other "cheap" brands. One thing is for sure, though. They're most likely not Ultra-Pro. I have some Ultra-Pro toploaders that are pretty old and still as clear as new, other than the scratches I've put on them by shuffling them around. :D