Ultimate Collection - Any and all


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
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If I don't have it, and it's Ultimate Collection? I want it.. Well, even if I have I most likely want it :LOL:

Check out the Quest page to see whats already part of the Collection :)


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Hi Mark, I have a 10-11 Ultimate Collection Terry Sawchuk #22 114/399, One card, LOL! But I do have a Luxury Suite Tomas Tatar AU/Patch/RC Prime If you want to make a Big Trade, can think of a few things of yours that I would trade it for! LMK my friend, kind of need a trade going, I have 0 :(


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Actually thought that Mark was finally cleaning the dust out of this thread to be bumped like this,:( but since I'm here coughing out the dust in took in from CanadianKid......:eek::cautious:

I picked up some Ultimate stuff since we last talk Mark, when your feeling that Ultimate Hockey feeling again, please feel free to poke around my buckets, hope all is well :) (y)