Trip to the LCS

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  1. I went to the LCS shop today to get supplies to ship the group break with. And the while getting them the owner says Platinum just came in. Tells me the 1st box he opened a 4yr old pulled a pack off the top and a Mike Gillissee Patch card/Auto. He said I will open a new box just for you. I said ok. I opened til I got a hit. It was an OK hit. Numbered 15/25

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  2. pwolantern

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    Awesome pull, congrats!
  3. Just an ok pull? heck if you dont want it i will take it!
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  4. @Batman1641 since you liked my comment does that mean you are giving me the card? Lol
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    Jeeeez that a sweet card! Both look like theyll be awesome. Congrats Bats :)
  6. I WANT IT :( Im afraid I may not have what it takes lol. That is a very sick card. Congrats
  7. Very nice Pull. I like it too.