Trade a thon


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With the trade a thon approaching I'm prepared to make deals on ALL cards in my bucket(excluding mountaineers:) ). I will trade for other cards besides the three players I've been requesting. So if I have something you like please let me know and we can make a deal. I have a wide collection and I'm wanting to unload some stuff to people who will enjoy it. I have 2-3 packages going out tomorrow for trades and I want to hit at least 10 trades. Possibly more. So let me know:). Happy trading everyone.

P.s. one more thing. Just because I said I would trade for other cards besides geno tavon and stedman please do not be afraid to offer anyway if you have them lol.


Mr. Baseball
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Sounds good, I am gearing up for the Trade-a-Thon myself, I am sure we can make at least one trade. :D