this week in etopps IPO

Ryan Braun Brewers
M. Ordonez Tigers
K. Slowey Twins
C. Gomez Mets

they go on sale in 90 minutes...i doubt ill be able to get 2 brauns, but milwaukee dan wants one, doesnt have an account, and is at work, so he will get you later if you want to pick one up for him, unless its an unlimited RRO then i can take care of him with 2...

if you are going to be nice enough to pick one up for dan, post here so we dont have like 10 guys try to get one for him, because i doubt he wants that many, 1 will suffice....
I'm etopps retarded. Anyway someone can pick up a Gomez for me?


Bench Warmer
id guess mid august just as they are gearing up for preseason...thats when they have start going on sale the 4 years ive been playing around with etopps

Thanks. I have a bunch of worthless rookies from '02.. maybe Ill pick a few up and dabble in em again this year.