this is crappy...not thorpe either...

this is crappy...not thorpe either...Scans posted

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so yesterday i get two of those 'come pick up your crap' stuff at the post office, and i think its a little weird since im not expecting anything 'large' that wouldnt fit in the mailbox, as the biggest thing ive won was on the 23rd and its 44 cards from cali, no way its them...and the other...i owe 17 cents to pick it up...yeah the guy had cheap shipping $2, but what kind of crap is that?
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That mail person just leaves a little note in the mail box saying I owe a few cents instead of being a prick and making me pick it up. After all, if something gets sent without enough postage wouldn't it be the post office's fault to begin with?
I received a card yesterday that I paid $250 for. The guy put it into a bubble mailer and put a $0.67 stamp on it.