the Ultimate Hockey Card Catalog

This started out as a easy going project to see if I could get one card for every hockey card set, insert, parallel, minor and European set made. I have been compiling a listing Ultimate Hockey Card Catalog. I am using cards from my other projects to fill in the blanks. The cards bolded in blue I presently have on hand but I am still working the finishing up the list.

There are over 15,000 sets, subsets in the listing. If you see anything on these listing that I may need please do not hesitate to offer. I have over 80,000 cards available for trade. Grade of the card is not problem if you have some older cards that I need.

On Hand: 2616 and counting.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcomed



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Wow! That is quite the undertaking! I am impressed. I'll get you a list of all the ones I have (base/inserts), although it won't be many, and if there are any you need you can let me know and they're yours.
Thanks for the comments, this has been fun putting together a listing trying to add in all sets. Putting into binders, scanning cards. Think I should be busy for a long time. Any help, advice, comments are appreciated.


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Dude.. you crazy! Like me! Me likey! :p

Ill look and see if I have some of your needs :)