The Olympics are about to start


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
And typical for England.. it's raining :LOL:

What is everyone looking forward to seeing this year? are you even gonna watch?

I can't wait for the Basketball tournament to start, so many great teams to follow. Always enjoy the Handball tourney as well.

And I've got a soft spot for Shawn Johnson, (it's a girl, I swear!) ..actually, Im just asuming she's competing, I don't even know :LOL: :p


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I actually helpnto coach a high school swim team, so swimming is my favorite but I love all of the Olympics


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I like the Summer Olympics, likes to watch athletics, but most likely watch the slalom and M.Martikan in C1. He was born in the same city as me. But of course I have favorite Winter Olympics and hockey and cross country skiing :D