The June 2013 GENERIC TRADING THREAD! Now with 2013, Bowman/Score/Press Pass! 2x in your favor (?)

PLEASE read the following and if at all possible, let's follow this format:

-You name what you like.
-I'll name what I like.
-You make the offer, we work from there.
-If you reply, please follow up, even if it's just to say no.

I like to know what cards we're dealing with up front, so please, let's start with a want list. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bit much, but it's how I like to operate and it will save everyone a little time/effort.

Also, I'd like the make the following offer:

-If we're dealing with 30 BV items and below on my end, and a 100+ BV item on your end, I'll go 2x in your favor. For example, you have a 150 BV card I'd like, I'll give you 300 BV worth of smaller items.

It looks like my bucket is completely up to date! Anyone up for a trade?


Mr. Baseball
Staff Member
Not a big trade but here is an offer.

For you:
Brandon Jenkins Hit Auto #A135

For me:
John McEnroe Allen & Ginter GU

Let me know
I'd love to get that Ignite Hot Threads of Ambrose off you! Also interested in the Ryan Zimmerman GU Jersey from Allen & Ginter.

Could you check my list for them and see if you see anything?

CardCraze - I like these, sir:

-2007 Donruss Classics Monday Night Heroes Brett Favre 115/250 (JSY)
-2008 SP Rookie Edition Matt Forte Autograph, Variation Unknown(AU, RC)
-2008 UD Heros Rookie Autos Bronze Joe Flacco 34/50(AU, RC)
-2011 National Treasures Rookie Showcase Julio Jones 034/165
-2013 Press Pass Fanfare Green Autograph Tavon Austin 09/10(AU, PP)

Let me know if we can do anything with those!
Huh, I didn't realize my football list was so out of date! The only thing from that list I still have is the Flacco, which I would be willing to trade.
Don't have anything to add to the list unfortunately, just had some things to take off. The Ambrose would interest me moreso than the Zimmerman, if there's anyway we could work something out for that. I'm not too picky with my trades, so if there's anything you'd like to offer up I would appreciate it!
CardCraze - As noted in the initial post, I do ask that folks replying make the initial offer. I'm happy to counter from there. I hope that's okay! Let me know.
My bad, I'm not usually too good with pitching offers! I do like the Ambrose, but obviously wouldn't trade the Flacco for it. Maybe a nice package of Redskins inserts, or if there's a few football jersey cards I can send you. LMK.
CardCraze - I'd have to pass on that, unfortunately. I don't really collect inserts, and I'd need to know what I was getting into in terms of the jersey cards. If you'd like to note a few specific ones, I suppose I'd be happy to listen.
Basically my thoughts are that I'd use the Ambrose as tradebait on the NASCAR site I'm on. I'd be happy to send you some tradebait as well in exchange. I still have a fair selection of football jersey cards so whichever you think would be fair in exchange is what I'm thinking. The Amrbose books at 15BV, so if there was a jersey card (or a couple, I could go double BV like you offered!) that you would take in exchange for it, that was my idea.

I'd never send someone just plain "jersey cards" without letting them know what they were first :p. Anyways, hope that all makes sense, and let me know!
CardCraze - Okay, I've updated the list. Please let me know specifically what you'd like to do.

-2007 Leaf Rookies & Stars Calvin Dress For Success Calvin Johnson 096/175(JSY, RC)
-2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Next Generation Jersey James Jones 081/250(JSY)
-2008 UD Heros Rookie Autos Bronze Joe Flacco 34/50(AU, RC)
-2013 Press Pass Autographs Silver T.Y. Hilton(AU, PP)