TCZ's First Trade-a-Thon

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  1. Mike

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    Click here for the official Trade-a-Thon headquarters thread.

    As the title says, we will be hosting our first ever Trade-a-Thon coming up in a few weeks. This will also coincide with the release of our new Transaction Manager. The Transaction Manager will actually be released a few days prior to the start of the Trade-a-Thon, just so we can make sure it is all installed correctly, and working as it should before the Trade-a-Thon starts. Anyways, here are the details on how the Trade-a-Thon will work.

    Dates: June 16-30

    How it Works

    Members will be encouraged to make trades with other collects on TCZ, even more, during the 2 week Trade-a-Thon period. During that time we will keep up with the number of trades that are started, and then later completed. The person who completes the most trades, or card sales, on TCZ, through the Transaction Manager, will be the winner.

    Staff members will be able to compete to win this prize, too.

    Main Prize (we may add to this)

    $25 eBay Gift Card (emailed)

    2011 Freshman Fabric AJ "Andy" Green Jersey/Auto /299

    Additional Information

    Please note that the listed prize is only for the main contest. During the 2 week Trade-a-Thon, though, there will be at least a few other contests created to go with it. They will all involve trading with your fellow collectors, though.

    There you have it, folks. Our very first Trade-a-Thon. Please, start spreading the word about this Trade-a-Thon and getting more members to joining and preparing to take part. The more active members we have, the easier it will be for you to make trades during this time.
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  2. pwolantern

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    Not sure how many trades I will be making, but I look forward to seeing all the moves everyone else will be making
  3. Luke Anderson

    Luke Anderson MUST SEND FIRST

    I'm game for sure...
  4. Sounds great. Trade me all your Kapernick auto and/or jersey cards. lol.
  5. Luke Anderson

    Luke Anderson MUST SEND FIRST

    and I will take all the russel wilsons lol
  6. This should be an interesting event. Im looking forward to it.
  7. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    You and me both! I just hope I can find someone to get a few trades done with during the 2 week event. :)
  8. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Less than 3 days to go! I know some already have deals just ready and waiting and others have started posting their trade threads. Make sure to let all your friends know about it, too. The more members there are, the more fun it'll be.
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  9. I'm READY. Go check out my monster post for a ton of inserts and the like. I'd be happy to make some deals!
  10. Trade list updated and ready to go, not sure I'll get to many trades, but I got Hockey!! :) sure to be a few hockey fans!
  11. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    This starts in less than 12 hours, folks! Be prepared to trade your tails off! I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting, and competitive two weeks.