Someone say Bat Knob???

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  1. If you guys aren't in the habit of watching the breaks on LiveCaseBreak, you're missing out. Case in point, last night. A buddy of mine (everyjeter) pulled a David Ortiz bat knob 1/1 out of Tier One baseball. LCB has also busted the Johnny Bench bat knob in the past. Last night's case was insanely good. To watch the unveiling of the bat knob, check out the following link:

    But I also encourage you to watch the videos before and after this one. Some great great stuff.
  2. screenshot is best i could do for a pic. :)

  3. Oh wow that's sweet!
  4. Mike

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    Haha! Nice!! I was there when the Bench was pulled, and now I wish I would have been there last night too! LCB has great pulls all the time so, as Christian said, I encourage all of you to check out their breaks if you're not already.
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    Nice, how thick are those? Gotta be bricks! :ohmy:
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    I have heard about these but had not seen one yet. That is sick!
  7. Probably need a 400pt holder or something.
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    Wow, that is an awesome pull
  9. FYI in case any of you know someone who is an Ortiz collector ... I've been informed that the card is available for sale (not trade). If you know of someone who might be interested, feel free to send them my way. Also, here is the LCB picture of the card. Much better than my screenshot. lol

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    Those are just some sweet, sweet cards! Thanks for sharing this Christian.
  11. Bat knob in a baseball card! What will they think of next?