So upset:(

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  1. So it's official Jordan Shipley was cut today. I'm not at all happy with this decision :(
  2. Dang, dude. :(

    Sorry to hear that.
  3. yea sucks! im lost with words
  4. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Hmmm, that happens sadly.. Cross your fingers he signs with the Raiders, then you can get them in breaks and try for two players :P
  5. Cincy didn't have much choice. He was still having trouble running routes with his ACL issues. Plus they liked what they saw of Hawkins and Sanu. If Shipley can get back to 100% he could easily catch on somewhere. Every October teams are scratching for help at receiver.
  6. they should have kept him on the pup list then. i dont like hawkins i really like shipleys drive and hes got some nice hands. just think they made a bad choice.
  7. Indiana Jones

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    I think I jinxed him. I had a good jump early on collecting him. It figures whenever I get a good jump on someone and single him out for collecting something bad happens.
  8. I'll take your shipleys :)
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    I am sure that he will land somewhere soon, hopefully a place where he gets a good chance to play
  10. franklinguy52

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    Then Brad can rout for the right team!
  11. Mike

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    Does this mean Brad just became the Tampa Bay Buccaneers newest fan?
  12. Indiana Jones

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    It better not be..... :mad:
  13. no no i still will be a bengal fan! and never would i be a cowboy fan haha. from what i read today the bucs said they see nothing wrong with shipley that he ran routes and even had a great punt return. they dont understand why shipley was cut. so now i have three teams to watch now ugh