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  1. So I have a printer/scanner that's just not hooked up. Probably won't be for a couple weeks just because of certain circumstances. That said, I've resorted to taking pictures of my cards the past couple weeks with my webcam (which is supposedly an HD camera yet you wouldn't know it to look at all of my blurry pictures). This isn't going to work very well for my photobucket and ebay. So once I get the scanner set up, here's what I need to know:

    How do you guys scan your cards without eliminating any risk of nicking a corner or otherwise harming the card? My guess is that you don't put it all the way up in the corner of the scanner but I could be wrong. Can you give me some pointers so I make sure I can get quality scans with minimal risk to damage?

    Thanks all!
  2. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    I do 6 at a time in two rows. They never touch each other or the edges of the scanner. I usually scan in either the top loader or just in the sleeve. Mostly the sleeve now a days for a better picture.
  3. Mike

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    I actually take all of my cards out of the sleeves and toploaders to scan them. I used to leave them in both, but realized that the picture is just much better otherwise. I don't push them all the way into the corners, I make sure I don't slide them around on the scanner bed, and I don't let them touch one another. This way you get the best picture without worrying about dings or scratches.
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    I usually do the same as Mike cards out of all sleeves/holders "raw", except I admit I have from time to time slid a card or two to keep them from touching. I like Mark's six at a time technique for when I have plenty of time on hand for scanning. Sometimes I have to rush getting things done. :(
  5. Are there glare issues with the images when they're left in the sleeves?
  6. Mike

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    Not usually, but you can tell a slight difference. When I get home I'll scan the same card with, and without, a sleeve and post them here so you can see them side by side.
  7. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Shouldnt be any glare issues, but like Mike says, you can easily see the difference between, just the card, or with sleeve or with sleeve plus toploader.. (the screwdowns are the worst :lol: )

    I just feel the difference between sleeve and raw isn't big enough to "risk" the cards surface.
  8. Mike

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    Here are some scans out of my scanner, labeled with how they were scanned.

    Brand new magnetic holder.

    Card only.

    Card sleeve only.

    Sleeve and toploader.
  9. Wow, looking at that, card only is definitely the way to go. magnetic completely washes it out and the other ones are noticeably less sharp as well. Thanks for this!
  10. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Fuuny, cause I'd say looking at that, the sleeve is the best way. The difference is minimal and you still protect the card surface. But to each his own :P
  11. yeah, the sleeve's definitely not bad ... definitely the second choice for me. the protection aspect might turn it into my first choice.
  12. Got my scanner hooked up. Temporarily at least. Did a test scan and it put a shadow like at the top of the image (see below). I'm going to try another card here to see if it happens on all the cards but have you guys seen scanners do that before and is there any trick to avoid it? It's fine for forum scans but I'd want ebay scans to be better.

  13. Okay, so the Pead was scanned out of the sleeve and the Kirkpatrick was in a sleeve. Same result. Ideas?

  14. Mike

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    I'm not sure there's a way to avoid it. I guess the only way to remove the shadow would be to crop it out with a photo editing software. If you'll notice, all of the scans that I posted also have that shadow at the top.
  15. Oh yeah ... I didn't see it on your scans because your cards had a black border but now that I look again, I can see it.

    Okay, that's cool. As long as that's standard, I'm fine with it. Thanks man.