Sage auto, and two press pass blaster boxes

Sage auto yielded a base geno smith numbered to /50. And montee ball auto numbered /50 and a couple other small name autos. Press pass box 1. This had tavon Austin blue parallel and a base silver tavon. Then I hit the auto pack. DENARD ROBINSON. I was pumped on this one. Overall a good $65 spent total. And the guy at my LCS threw in a romo jersey card and a skybox metal rg3 rookie reprint. :). It's been a decent day
I've only pulled autos from packs maybe 3-4 times in my life. I try n not do the Walmart thing because of pack searchers but ya know. Blaster box with a garuntee is pretty cool. The last single pack I bought was from my LCS. It was press pass. I pulled a Sheldon Richardson auto but it was signed "miz". Inscription of some sort I suppose. But none the less I like it. Haven't seen one on eBay for sale either.


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we have a walmart here but the selection sucks, Target is coming this year though
We have the same problem at our Walmart. It's just too small of a market around here for them to have a better selection.
I have two local Targets near me and they are both usually stocked full of blasters but on the odd chance that the blaster im looking for is out, I can jsut go to the Target down the road. Pretty convenient actually.