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    I thought I would start a thread to show off some nice Prodpect/ Rookie cards. Everyone is free to add their faves.
    To start I thought I would show off some of my Mike Trout cards before I cash in an the mania that is surrounding him right now. I actually began collecting him about 2 years ago when I first heard about him, so I was able to pick these up pretty cheap.

    This is from the 2012 Bowman Platinum (My favorite affordable set the past 3 years). It is a Red refractor that I picked up in the first blaster box that I picked up.

    2011 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor. This was another pack pull.

    2009 Tristar Prospects Gold Variation numbered to 50! I picke dthis up for $4.00 years ago and the book value just went up to $125.00!
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    Very nice
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    Sweeeeet start! :)
  4. OK, maybe this isn't a new shiny one, But it IS a rookie. And it's one that was new to me in 1959. I built my '59 set card by card a few years ago and this Bob Gibson Rookie is the only one that comes from my childhood collecting days.

    Love the pink frame, I even love the dings and tape stains because, well, they are MY dings and tape stains. I bet I won this card flipping in the school yard. Here is my blog post about this one on my '59 Blog.


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    Great card Bob! I have a buddy that is trying to put a 59 set together right now. I love the vintage cards and am working on a 71 set myself (the year I was born). By the way, I would take the old cards over the "shiney" cards.
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    Very cool Bob, Bob. :unsure: I love the vintage stuff you've been posting on here, and this is no exception. I also love that you have a story to put with all of your cards. I think it's GREAT that your collection is that much a part of you. I think our hobby, and the related communities, would be much more fun if everyone had that same passion about it. Not that it's not fun anyways, at least for me, but it would be much better off in my opinion.
  7. Dangit, now I want to put a set together from '74. Thanks a LOT. Like I needed another project. ;)

    I found full sets on the bay but ... that's no fun. The '74 Topps set isn't very impressive but it'll be a fun project anyway. :P
  8. I'm glad the vintage stuff is welcome here. And I'm learning about some of the newer issues.

    I'm in the process of upgrading some of the lesser conditioned cards in my '59 set. Almost all of them now are at least fair and the vast majority would be VG or Excellent if I was collecting graded cards. The Gibson is probably the worst conditioned card but I doubt I'll upgrade it. It means a lot as it is.

    He was one bad azz pitcher! I saw one of his last games and he was well past his prime but he came in as a reliever against the Astros and just 'willed' himself into shutting them down for a save. I was sitting behind the Cards' dugout and I'll never forget how intense he was that night.
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    Before Ichiro there was this guy....


  10. He was a big deal for a short while back when he broke in over here. I've been trying for a long time to add one of his Japanese cards to my collection of them but I can't find one for a decent price.

    For as long as he pitched there and as popular as he was I'd have thought that there would be more cards issued.
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    It's funny I would have never thought of him had I never run across The Bubblegum Book of Baseball Cards. I was perusing the bookstore back in early 1992 looking for a book on collecting baseball cards to go with my Mr.Mint's Investing In Baseball Cards & Collectibles. I was trying to scoff up as many books on the hobby as I can. I became obsessed with the hobby. The Bubblegum Book made for very interesting reading. And when Nomomania hit the hobby and people were saying he was the first Japanese player in the MLB, I said no way! I had a library of about 6 books by now. I looked through the books knowing I saw some Japanese player on a vintage card. Where the heck did I see it? It was in The Bubblegum Book. It stated that he (Murakami) and Yogi Berra had the same thing in common - they both spoke English as a 2nd language.

    I highly recommend The Bubblegum Book of Baseball cards. It is what collecting was really all about.
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    How about this?
  13. Yup, I have the '65. What I'm looking for is a Japanese issued card. I've got a small but cool collection of those. Lots of fun to collect.

    Anyone interested in a new challenge or just collecting baseball card books should find a copy of this one. I've seen it for maybe a couple of bucks on Amazon.

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    I'm looking for BBM 2000 A72 - Ichiro pitching
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    Today's rookie card


    When I was collecting as a child this one of my most sought after cards. I was a shortstop when I played, and what better representation of what baseball is all about than Cal Ripken, Jr. Even though there are cards in my collection that have a much higher BV, there are few that mean as much to me as this one.