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  1. i have gotten all 3 redemptions from panini but i have had to get 3 replacement redemptions from a company that starts with t is everyone having the same issue and the replacement redemptions i have gotten have been crappy so far
  2. Mike

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    Panini has been pretty good to me as far as replacements go. They generally give you replacements that match in value, so if your replacements were "crappy" I'd have to say that your original redemptions probably weren't that good either. Just my guess. If they were, it might be time to start up a support ticket with them and find out what happened.
  3. its topps because i said t i didnt want to say it lol im having some major issues with topps horrible cs there
  4. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Haha! I'm not sure how I just assumed it was Panini. That said, I've only redeemed 1 card (that I can remember) with Topps, and it was filled rather than replaced.
  5. franklinguy52

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    The only replacement that I recieved was form Panini and they sent the unsigned card with a "No Auto" sticker were the auto should have been and then sent an auto that was equivalent in value, and I redeemed after the expiration date. So, I must give Panini props, as far as Topps goes, they are very slow, but I have not had to get a replacement.
  6. pwolantern

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    I have never had a problem with redemptions from any of the companies, but I must say that the best replacements I have gotten have come from Upper Deck